Goddess Aromatherapy Spray

Goddess Aromatherapy Spray



A beautifully scented blend to support your wellbeing as a woman, using five essential oils that connect you to your feminine essence, welcome sensuality and softness to your being and provide ease and comfort during menstruation, birth, postpartum healing and menopause.

The combination of these feminine scents also makes Goddess an uplifting, all natural perfume option that is free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

‘‘When creating my GODDESS blend, I wanted to ensure it would be supporting women's overall health and well-being, as well as the option to be used a natural, chemical free perfume. ‘‘ - Rebecca

Cruelty free and vegan friendly / No artificial fragrances 


  • To use Goddess Aromatherapy Spray, shake well, spray yourself and the space around you to fill your space with a feminine scent that brings positivity and sensuality.
    Enjoy a few moments of stillness and a few deep breaths as the scent settles around you.

    Beautiful blend to use as a natural perfume body spray option.

    Shake well and pour into oil burner to prolong the scent in your space.

  • Egyptian Geranium - calming for emotions, balancing effect on mind, body & nervous system, regulates mood, uplifting, sweet scent used widely in perfumery / emotionally helps to restore confidence and facilitates trust, aids in healing a broken heart

    Clary Sage - ‘the woman’s oil’, supports feminine emotional well-being, relaxing effect, eases stress, tension & nervous anxiety, powerful relaxant for muscular tension

    Sweet Orange - calming, relaxing & regenerating, warming, balances mood & harmonizes feelings

    Bergamot - balancing for nervous system, refreshing, uplifting, rejuvenating, calming for emotions, used widely in perfumery

    Ylang Ylang - very calming, helps to release negative emotions, sedative action on autonomic nervous system

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