Sleep Aromatherapy BodyOil

Sleep Aromatherapy BodyOil



A calming, relaxing and comforting blend of four essential oils to help you release from the day, wind down and drift off into a deep, soothing sleep.

Calming french lavender and sweet orange have been blended with grounding ylang ylang and cedarwood to create a supportive and soothing combination that helps you settle and unwind before bed.

Perfect to use for your bedtime rituals and evening yoga practice.

Cruelty free and vegan friendly



  • To use Sleep Aromatherapy Spray, shake well, spray bedding, sleepwear and the space around you. Take a few moments of stillness and allow the scent to settle.

    Then lying down or sitting comfortably, enjoy this sleepy breath practice to help you settle in for a restful evening.


  • French Lavender essential oil - calming scent, soothing, balancing, aids a relaxed physical & mental state

    Sweet Orange essential oil - calming, relaxing & regenerating, warming, balances mood & harmonizes feelings

    Ylang Ylang essential oil - very calming, helps to release negative emotions, sedative action on autonomic nervous system

    Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil- woody forest air scent / helps to release tension caused by stress, overwhelm and anxiety / inspires feeling of belonging and joy in relationships

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